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Our distributed workforce model reduces overhead allowing us to hire the highest-skilled talent in the world.

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Our techniques have put some of the world's biggest brands on page 1. We can do it for yours as well.

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SEO is an aggregation of excellence across the entire scope of digital marketing - they are one and the same.

Michael Chagala

Michael Chagala

Owner - Principal SEO Architect

I began my career sweeping the server room floor as an unpaid intern at a software development company. Today I’ve been on an executive team that took one of the fastest growing companies in the United States from $20 million annual revenue to nearly $70 in a few short years. I have 16 years’ experience in enterprise-level SEO having worked for brands such as Sony, AIG and the NFL. I work directly with Google’s Brand Accelerator team bridging the gap between Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm and corporate brands.

  • Former executive at one of the 10 largest renewable energy companies in California
  • Finalist for San Diego Top Tech Exec 2015
  • San Diego Business Journal Information Technology Executive of the Year Award, 2013
  • Featured in Forbes, Wired, Greentech, NYT, UT... for innovative work with Google Glass
  • Speaker at the Solar Focus 2014 conference, on business workflow software
  • President of multiple user and trade groups



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Why We Are Successful

Rank Harvest is the hardest working team in SEO. We’ve put our heart and soul into making this business a success – no easy task in such a competitive industry. This business pays our mortgages, feeds our children and provides a career for everyone on the team. Because of this, each team member considers the success of the business to be a matter of survival and puts 100% effort into each and every client. This has led to a track record of wins and why the biggest brands in the world have chosen us. Our techniques are on the bleeding edge of SEO, most of which were invented right here, in-house, and not available to other agencies.

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What Makes Us Different

No Cookie-Cutter Approach

We never lock ourselves or our clients into one-size-fits-all SEO – we look at rank and performance on a daily basis and pivot accordingly. We work within your budget, but never limit ourselves to what strategies are used.

We Communicate

Communication has proven to be equally important to our clients as actual SEO results. We are in constant communication with you – from answering questions, to giving updates, to regular rank reports.

Content is King

The core of our SEO strategy is engaging, informative content. Users visit websites for a purpose – deliver to them what they seek, and Google will reward you. Not only is it at the core of our strategy, but the baseline of Google’s guidelines.

Run on 100% Renewable Energy Day and Night

With the installation of a large solar system on the roof and two batteries inside, we run 100% on solar power both day and night.