Tales from the Search Engine Optimization Industry

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5 Lies SEO Professionals Tell You

5 Lies SEO Professionals Tell You

With a good sales pitch and a handful of made-up metrics, nearly anyone can sell SEO to unwitting customers who know they need SEO but have little idea what it actually means.

SEO for New Cannabis & CBD Businesses

SEO for New Cannabis & CBD Businesses

Once a beachhead is established, traffic and authority will begin to flow, putting higher-value keywords within easier reach soon after.

5 Things You Wish You Knew Before Hiring an SEO Agency

A difficult conversation about SEO.

Poway SEO

An example of putting a page at the top of Google Search.

What are Syncopated Deployment Backlinks?

The short answer is syncopated backlinks are the latest in cutting-edge SEO technology.

Shocking Reality of Teaching SEO

There tends to be a of bubble-bursting and broken hearts when training individuals on the reality of running an SEO business.

Google Blog

What is Gray-Hat SEO?

Whether SEO professionals like it or not, exploiting loopholes in Google’s algorithm is a critical factor to ranking websites.

And the Survey Says…

The surprising answer to what makes a client happy is communication. This ranks higher than getting actual results…