We don’t know. What we do know is ChatGPT seems to have caught Google a bit off guard. Google certainly knew about ChatGPT before its recent mass adoption, but I think it’s how quickly that mass adoption was reached that came as a surprise.

Part of being in the SEO business is answering people’s questions, even when they are not a customer. We’ve been getting the same question from large ecommerce sites starting mostly in the second half of 2022; their traffic has dropped and they don’t know why.

Did you know Rank Harvest is a Top Rated seller on Fiverr? We were also featured on the cover of their 2021 Q3 shareholder newsletter for averaging $60,000 per month in sales on the platform! Perhaps best of all, we have a 5-star rating with hundreds of reviews!

Ever wished you had the insight to recognize something in its infancy before getting big someday? Well this will be big. It’s like next-version-of-the-internet big. Most people have little to no idea what the metaverse or an NFT is. The metaverse is inevitable. Technology is always driving towards the creation of richer and richer digital […]

With a good sales pitch and a handful of made-up metrics, nearly anyone can sell SEO to unwitting customers who know they need SEO but have little idea what it actually means.

Once a beachhead is established, traffic and authority will begin to flow, putting higher-value keywords within easier reach soon after.

A difficult conversation about SEO.

An example of putting a page at the top of Google Search.

The short answer is syncopated backlinks are the latest in cutting-edge SEO technology.

There tends to be a of bubble-bursting and broken hearts when training individuals on the reality of running an SEO business.