Motion Graphics Engineer

Motion Graphics Engineer

Location: Remote

The Motion Graphics Engineer is going to be working with complex, highly detailed projects, and will coordinate with other key members of the graphics team to deliver a quality work to our clients. You will be counted on to deliver results that absolutely delight the imagination of our clients. This position will require you to push yourself creatively and continue to learn, both for your benefit and that of the client. You will work individually in your role, but coordinate with the rest of the team on a daily basis. Since we give our customers our best efforts and work to meet their goals, you will have to be able to take criticism, make edits, or start from scratch in order to give the customer what they want.

Responsibilities for Motion Graphics Engineer

  • Design and create stunning motion graphics for video deliverables (engagement, corporate videos, eLearning, websites, marketing demos, etc.)
  • Prepare design plan, storyboard, concept and layout for motion graphic project
  • Create and deliver motion graphics in various media including web, mobile, and similar
  • Work with art and creative teams to understand project scope and objectives
  • Selecting of audio, video, colors, animation, and similar for graphic design
  • Collaborate with editors, producers and other designers to resolve complex design issues
  • Edit video footage and add effects to beautify motion graphics
  • Research and analyze for optimal design techniques and solutions to create motion graphics
  • Assist in designing and creating storyboards for both animations and real-life footage
  • Participate in collaborative session to share novel design perspectives and ideas
  • Maintain and follow best practices for organizing, versioning control, naming convention and organization of graphic files
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge about latest graphic design techniques.
  • Ensure compliance with company guidelines, culture and design standards

Requirements for Motion Graphics Engineer

  • Producing motion graphics, 3D content, and edit video
  • Producion of motion graphics and 3D content from concept to delivery
  • Communicating with clients, where applicable, regarding the production, delivery and timeline of content
  • Working on multiple client projects concurrently, balancing time constraints whilst maintaining quality
  • Encoding, converting and editing videos and graphical sequences
  • Keeping up to speed on new technologies and techniques to deliver cutting edge work
  • Understanding brands and producing work of a suitable style

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