Local Power Blend: The Ultimate Local SEO Package

local power blend

Local Power Blend: The Ultimate Local SEO Package


The most powerful and effective local SEO strategy! This is a winning combination of local SEO elements and multiple types of the top performing localized backlinks all in one package.

About This Gig

The fastest and most powerful local SEO strategy!  This is a winning combination of multiple types of the top performing backlinks including localized keywords, our proprietary method of map citations and more all in one package.  Designed to be safe and natural with the biggest rank and map pack boost in the shortest time possible.  We developed this strategy after working with thousands of clients and seeing the results different techniques have on a website’s rank.  This package is entirely off-page SEO, meaning we don’t need access to your website or accounts.

  • Contextual localized backlinks embedded in content written about your brand
  • Slow 30-day drip-feed deployment for safety
  • Web 2.0 and/or blog comments included
  • Natural percentage of nofollow links
  • Map citations for Map Pack boost
  • Full report of work upon delivery

If you have a Google My Business account, we’ll upgrade you free to a map citation Super-Circle!

Simply provide us with the pages you want your backlinks pointed to, keywords, a short business description, and which city you want your local SEO applied to (or a public link to your Google My Business account).

300 Local Power Blend500 Local Power Blend700 Local Power Blend
4 keywords8 keywords12 keywords

A full report of all backlinks and citations will be delivered when work is complete 30 days after ordering.

How do backlinks work?

Put simply, a backlink is a link from another site to yours.  Google considers this an up-vote and a major factor in its ranking algorithm.  If a website is willing to send its own traffic to another site through a link, Google considers this an endorsement that the site receiving the traffic has value.  Think of it as Google allowing the online community to decide which websites should rank the highest.  Done safely and naturally, backlinks can skyrocket a website to the top of search!

How to map citations and a Super-Circle work?

Google allows users to add features to Google Maps, these are things like photos, brand mentions, links, driving directions… These features are placed at strategic points to create a buzz of activity around your brand. When Google sees users creating map elements for other people to see, it considers it to be a signal that your brand is influential. Influence, also known as authority, is a powerful rank factor in Google and Google Maps.  It helps your business get found by people looking for your services in your local area.

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