SEO Audit Report

seo audit report

SEO Audit Report


Comprehensive, multi-point, SEO audit of your website using professional tools.

About This Gig

This report will show you Google’s perspective on the health and crawlability of your website: wrong HTML tags, coding errors, missing information, problems crawling or understanding content…  Google will not send traffic to websites that present a poor experience to users.

See what’s right and wrong with your website all in one report.

A full report will be delivered upon completion 30 days after ordering.

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What is an SEO Audit Report?

A health score for your website. An SEO audit report is a snapshot of your website using multiple data points ranging from coding errors, to missing meta tags, and more.


How do I use an SEO Audit Report?

There can be technical reasons why a website is not ranking well, and often the reasons are easy to fix. An SEO Audit Report can be handed to a webmaster or developer to fix the issues. Or it might reveal the site is in good health.


What an SEO Audit Report is not used for.

It is not an SEO strategy; it is a list of data points that measure the health of a website. Although all data points should be addresses, correcting them is only one factor in a comprehensive SEO strategy. An SEO Audit Report, for example, is not a keyword rank report or meant to be a roadmap of how to achieve your traffic goals.