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What Makes Us Successful?

We hit your site with everything we’ve got all at once.

We adhere to one strategy: attack SEO with maximum intensity from multiple angles as if our very existence depending on it (because it does). Instead of experimenting with different strategies over time, we hit your site with everything we’ve got all at once. We get the highest rank in the shortest amount of time possible.


Let's get on a call to discuss your goals, what's working and what is not. Help us understand if we are a good fit.


Using a mix of data-science and human intuition to get an extremely thorough and accurate assessment.


We will tell you exactly what needs to happen to get you the highest rank possible. Full transparency.


Congratulations! The hardest working team in all of SEO is eating, sleeping and breathing your website.

Recurring Monthly SEO

Want the best of everything we do? Set a budget and we'll work our magic within it using all strategies and tactics at our disposal.

  • Syncopated deployment backlinks
  • Local SEO including super-circles and stealth NAPs
  • Content writing using cutting-edge topic modeling and artificial intelligence
  • Keyword research using our proprietary data analytics engine
  • Discreet ‘standard’ NAP and backlinking
  • Hand-written, perfect grammar articles and blog posts 500 – 5,000 words
  • The latest techniques in video SEO
  • The ultimate in customer support and 24/7 availability to our clients
  • Updates and rank reports from an assigned account manager
  • Hundreds more strategies and tactics…



  • For small websites in low-competition niche industries.



  • For mid-sized business in competitive industries.



  • A long-term strategic growth partnership.

Syncopated Deployment Backlinks

This is the latest cutting-edge backlink technique we invented in January of 2020 after a change to Google’s algorithm that went mostly unnoticed. Drip is no longer enough; syncopation is now required to avoid Google’s spam pattern recognition.



  • 100 Backlinks
  • 3 URLs
  • 15 Keywords
  • Drip-Fed Over 30 Days



  • 200 Backlinks
  • 6 URLs
  • 30 Keywords
  • Drip-Fed Over 30 Days


$Bulk Pricing

  • We supply agencies with wholesale backlinks.

Local SEO Super-Circle

Google’s local search algorithm creates a radius around each feature a user places on the map. It looks for a pattern of overlapping radii to identify a popular business. Too high a concentration or arranged in a pattern and Google will dismiss as spam, too few and it carries no SEO value.



  • Super-circle layer of 50+ map features encircling your business location.



  • Super-circle layer of 50+ map features encircling your business including radii-overlap geometry.


$Bulk Pricing

  • Ask us about bulk pricing for agencies.

The Ultimate Starter Package

Many of the techniques in these packages cannot be found anywhere else. They were invented in-house at our agency.



  • 120 Manually Placed Unique Backlinks
  • 100+ Local Name/Address/Phone Citations
  • One 500-word article & Keyword Research



  • 84 Syncopated-Deployment Backlinks
  • 35 Google Maps Local Citation Ring
  • Two 500-word articles & Keyword Research


$Bulk Pricing

  • Ask us about bulk pricing for agencies.

Content Writing Using Topic Modeling

Keyword-optimized, written by native English speaker with college degree. All original content composed with the help of cutting-edge topic modeling software that forces Google’s algorithm into improving rank. The subscription to this secretive topic modeling software is used by the top SEO professionals in the world. It uses artificial intelligence to understand why other websites are ranking well for a given topic and how to beat them.



  • 500 words on any topic.
  • Article, blog post, all formats.
  • Topic research included.



  • 1000 words on any topic.
  • Article, blog post, all formats.
  • Topic research included.


$Bulk Pricing

  • Ask us about bulk pricing for agencies.

We have a long list of tactics. But...

Organization memberships

Social posts


Terms & Privacy



YouTube predictive search

YouTube "Seasons" series

Disavow links

Internal cross-linking strategy

Google site speed

Compress images

Speed hacks

AMP stories

Schema markup

Google My Business

Screaming Frog

Meta Titles

Meta Descriptions

H1 tags

Google suggest scrapers

Image alts

Link titles

ADA compliance

Lipperhay scan

Yelp profile

Maps citations

Association profiles

Email automation

Video presence

Donation offers


Interview outreach

Social content

Customer surveys

Less http calls

301 redirects

Redirect high DR sites



Optimize image sizes

Twitter card

Facebook open graph


Chat widgets

Google Analytics

Analytics goals

Video descriptions

Keywords research

Competitor analysis

Baseline rank checking

Duplicate content checking

Google penalty check

Backlink analysis

Mobile usability check

Keyword density audit

Content optimization

Images optimization

HTML to text ratio optimization

SEO-friendly URLs

Google Webmaster Tools setup

Link redirect audit

Local business directory

Local business classifieds

Customer reviews/ratings submissions

NAP syndication

Content writing

Link wheels

No Follow links check

Social bookmarking

Article submission & syndication

Press release writing & submission

Blog commenting

Infographics creation and submission

PDF sharing

PPT sharing

Guest posting

Q&A (Yahoo and Quora)

Forum profiles

Web 2.0 submission

Image promotion & submission

Video marketing

Google+ posts & management

Rank reporting

Traffic reporting

Google Analytics reporting

Maps citation rings

Brand mentions

It's the stuff we can't talk about that really gets results.


you’ve revealed

our hidden content!

You possess technical skills,

and curiosity, above and beyond

the general public.

Actually, we’re hiring

if you have SEO and/or


digital marketing skills.

We also LOVE

clients like you because we

can have in-depth technical

discussions about our SEO strategies.

But we also want to reward you

for finding this Easter Egg.

Simply send an email to

and let us know you found

the hidden content

and we’ll give you one of our

best off-page strategies for free.

By “off-page” it means

we can deploy it without needing

access to your site

– for example,

this would be our

syncopated backlinking,

local SEO super-circle,

or similar.

We’ll select

whichever strategy Google

is currently responding to the best.


a great



Clients' SEO Revenue


Keywords Tracked Daily


Page 1 rankings in Google


Years in Business

Why We Are Successful

Rank Harvest is the hardest working team in SEO. We’ve put our heart and soul into making this business a success – no easy task in such a competitive industry. This business pays our mortgages, feeds our children and provides a career for everyone on the team. Because of this, each team member considers the success of the business to be a matter of survival and puts 100% effort into each and every client. This has led to a track record of wins and why the biggest brands in the world have chosen us. Our techniques are on the bleeding edge of SEO, most of which were invented right here, in-house, and not available to other agencies.

Design award for energy Design award for green Design award for construction

What Makes Us Different

No Cookie-Cutter Approach
We never lock ourselves or our clients into one-size-fits-all SEO – we look at rank and performance on a daily basis and pivot accordingly. We work within your budget, but never limit ourselves to what strategies are used.

We Communicate
Communication has proven to be equally important to our clients as actual SEO results. We are in constant communication with you – from answering questions, to giving updates, to regular rank reports.

Content is King
The core of our SEO strategy is engaging, informative content. Users visit websites for a purpose – deliver to them what they seek, and Google will reward you. Not only is it at the core of our strategy, but the baseline of Google’s guidelines.