Microblading and Beauty Salon Case Study

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This microblading and microblading training website launched in 2019 to a saturated market.  They came to us ranking for only 3 keywords (none of any value) and zero organic traffic.  The competition was years ahead of them.  Getting new websites to rank in Google is notoriously difficult, but can be done.  They currently rank for over 2,000 keywords in Google, 284 of which are on page 1.

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Microblading, Microblading Courses & Training, Salon

The Challenge

Getting a new site to rank in Google in a saturated market.  Microblading has become a popular service offered by salons.  Although microblading is a new service compared to other salon offerings, it has been around long enough for businesses who got into SEO early to now find themselves filmy entrenched in Google’s page 1.  Generally speaking, once a website has entrenched itself on page 1 for a period of time, it’s difficult for new websites to take over their spot.  But in this case the goal was achieved; this website started from zero and now completely dominates search for their local area, and is quickly gaining traction on a national level.

The Solution

The answer was a mix of great content and technical SEO.  After a competitor analysis, we discovered most of the competition was lacking informative content and focused mainly on photography.  And in many cases, the business’ entire marketing strategies were on social media, leaving their websites mostly untouched and un-updated for long periods of time.  While social media marketing is very effective, especially in the beauty industry, it often leaves organic search as a missed opportunity.  We got to work filling the website with informative content, providing answers to the types of questions people ask when trying to make a decision in microblading.  From pricing, to the difference between procedures, to simply what exactly microblading is…. the website was transformed from a small website consisting of mainly promotional content, to a source of information on all things microblading.  We fully optimized each page with excellent technical SEO and Google loved the site!

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