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464% increase in sales!

This client sells a very niche product: memorial and cremation jewelry.  Unlike most of their competition, they sell high quality, expensive custom pieces including 18K gold and VS F+ diamonds and gemstones.  Their market is small and difficult to get in front of at the right time.

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Online Jewelry Store

The Challenge

For most people, the need for memorial jewelry only comes a few times in life.  Getting in front of them at the right time can be difficult.  Due to being a niche market, potential buyers don’t have a shared keyword language in which to search for this type of product.  In some cases, potential buyers don’t know this category of product exists and will instead search broad questions such as “how to memorialize the death of a family member”.  As a result, search volume for this type of product is low, although once discovered, the conversation rate on memorial jewelry can be high.

The Solution

The solution was a 2-pronged approach: paid ads for instant results, with a longer-term focus on increasing organic traffic (SEO).  Google Ads works great when there isn’t consensus in the market on exactly which keywords people are using to find a product, as is often the case with niche industries.  With Google Ads, a broad range of keywords can be targeted instantly.  It also means keywords and campaigns can quickly pivot as performance data comes in.  A perk to running Google Ads is the website’s organic rank will often increase as a result, which was the case here.  This happens as more people become familiar with a brand from seeing it as a sponsored ad, then seek it out later in organic search.

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