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We sell SEO services on Fiverr

Did you know Rank Harvest is a Top Rated seller on Fiverr? We were also featured on the cover of their 2021 Q3 shareholder newsletter for averaging $60,000 per month in sales on the platform! Perhaps best of all, we have a 5-star rating with hundreds of reviews!

Rank Harvest SEO Fiverr Seller

We love our Fiverr customers, but don’t worry, all the same products and services can be found right here on this website for the same price.

What is Fiverr SEO?

You can think of Rank Harvest as being divided into two halves.

On the other side of the business, we are a full digital marketing agency. Working with us on this side is more like the traditional agency engagement where we work with our customer month over month to achieve long-term goals. Customers are assigned an account manager and can expect frequent updates and video calls with the Rank Harvest team.

On one side we sell predefined SEO packages at set prices. For example, a certain number of backlinks, map citations, or words of content written. These are short-term projects where the customer has the need for a specific service we offer rather than have us manage their entire SEO strategy. These are the types of SEO gigs we sell on Fiverr.

Our Fiverr customers tend to be business owners who are managing their own SEO, companies with small budgets, or other agencies who need to outsource parts of a large project.



How does SEO work on Fiverr?

SEO sellers on Fiverr work in a very specific way. Just like we sell predefined packages, so do most other sellers on Fiverr. Think of it like this… you want to improve your keyword rank but you don’t know where to start? You might look for a seller who specializes in SEO audits and can help develop a strategy. Or better yet, find several sellers for multiple opinions. Then find other sellers who specialize in completing each element of the strategy – perhaps a content writer who specializes in your industry, another who specializes in fixing coding errors, and another who does backlinks. Although you can find individual sellers who are willing to work on an entire strategy, you might be missing out on finding people who specialize in each discipline.

The Fiverr model is not for everyone. Some customers simply want a one-stop shop to handle all their needs and either don’t want the inconvenience of managing their own project, or want to work directly with an agency rather than go through Fiverr. That’s part of the reason we offer both.