Harnessing the Power of Social Media for SEO

So, you’ve gone ahead and invested your hard earned money and time into building out a sleek & professional website for your business. You’ve taken steps to ensure all of your content is optimized, and implemented a variety of SEO strategies, but you’re still not seeing as much traffic as you’d like to. You may think to yourself “what am I missing?”. Well, the answer may be right under your nose, or better yet, right under your thumb as you’re scrolling through Instagram!

Social Media is a tool that is sometimes overlooked when putting together an SEO strategy, but more often than not, it could be a key factor in really helping your business grow – and this is by way of building your brand. Having an established brand & social media presence can help take your business to the next level by helping you build Brand Authority, expand your overall reach, and foster powerful Branded Searches.

Brand Authority: 

Building an established brand provides your business with a certain level of trust & credibility that both consumers, as well as search engines, will recognize. Consumers that are already familiar with your brand because they’ve previously come across it on social media will be much more likely to click through to your website if it shows up on search which in turn will result in a higher CR (click through rate). Not only that, but search engines will oftentimes reward established brands with higher positionings in search engine results pages, since they recognize Brand Authority as a ranking factor.

Expanding your Reach:

While having a well built and content rich website is great, it won’t do you much good if you don’t have a means of getting that content out to the right people. Using social media to share your content outside of just your website provides you with a means of drastically increasing how many potential customers may see & interact with your brand. There are billions of active users of social media, and sharing your content via various channels allows you the opportunity to connect with a wide variety of audiences, as well as nurture existing relationships with your current customers.

Branded Searches:

Having a strong brand presence will naturally result in consumers seeking out your business through branded searches. When a user types your brand’s name, product, or service into the search bar, it sends a strong signal to the search engine letting it know that the brand is relevant and has authority within its niche. This is a win win, as it will result in the search engine boosting your brand’s website in organic search results which will naturally lead to increased visibility & traffic.

The reasons stated above are just some of many that reinforce why businesses should take their time to establish their brand and maintain a strong social media presence. Having an established Brand Identity is a crucial part of building out a comprehensive SEO strategy, and could be the key to driving meaningful organic traffic to your website while giving you an overall edge in the ever so competitive digital marketing space.