How AI and Search Generative Experience (SGE) Will Change SEO

AI and Search Generative Experience (SGE) in SEO


I was quoted in Forbes on the topic of SGE:


Google’s new Search Generative Experience (SGE) is not just hype; it’s revolutionizing search optimization. By reshaping how we engage with search engines and how businesses gain online visibility, SGE is a game-changer for SEO. Understanding  for those striving to increase website traffic and distinguish their content.

If you’re struggling to increase website traffic or differentiate your content, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of SGE as a foundation for your online success and also understanding how does Search Generative Experience affect SEO.

What is Search Generative Experience (SGE)?

SGE is Google’s latest brainchild, blending AI smarts to transform our online search. Picture this: you drop a question into Google’s search bar, and boom—instead of scrolling through endless links, you get a neat, AI-drawn summary with the exact info you were hunting for. It’s like chatting with a genius friend who always has the answers.

SGE aims to make accessing the internet’s wealth of information more straightforward and effective by eliminating the need to explore numerous web pages.

Google has yet to announce when SGE will officially launch despite having been experimenting with the technology since the middle of 2023. However, rumors are circulating that it may launch in the US and some other regions on 14th May 2024.

How does Google SGE work?

SGE taps into AI to interpret and condense online content in response to user queries. Gone are the days of matching keywords to links. SGE focuses on understanding user questions and providing direct answers in search results without leaving you digging through page after page.

  • SGE uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze user queries and identify their intent and meaning. It goes beyond keyword matching to grasp the underlying information being sought.
  • Based on the query, SGE scours the web for relevant information. It then synthesizes this content to create concise and informative answers.

With SGE, you get a snippet tailored just for you, almost like it knows what you’re thinking. This isn’t just another tweak in the system; it’s a whole new way to search. SGE leverages the latest in AI, including deep learning and natural language processing (NLP), to make searching easier and more intelligent.

Imagine years of AI research coming together to create a search that feels as effortless as asking a friend. The aim here? To make finding what you need online as smooth and user-friendly as possible.

Why should Marketers care about SGE?

SGE transforms SEO by placing less importance on keywords and backlinks. Instead, it emphasizes providing in-depth content relevant to searchers’ intent. This content should engage users and answer their questions thoroughly, resembling a natural conversation.

Marketers, it’s time to tune your content to what people are searching for, ensuring it’s also digestible for AI. With SGE, SEO is evolving to prioritize content by keywords and how well it answers the searcher’s real questions. Think of it as writing for a child who’s always curious—your content needs to hit the mark on clarity and relevance.

People have been saying for years that traditional SEO is dead. Maybe this time it’s true? Experts suggest we may see a decrease of up to 30% in organic traffic with the launch of SGE, similar to how featured snippets impact SERPs.

How to Adapt Your Strategy

You can do a few things as marketers to adapt your strategy for SGE.

Comprehensive and credible

To make your mark in search results, your content must be thorough and trustworthy. Dive deep with detailed analysis, lean on expertise for insights, and deliver genuine value that’s tough to replicate. This approach is about engaging an audience hungry for solid, reliable information—they’re looking for the best answers out there, not just a quick fix. So, focus on crafting content that serves your readers first, making sure it’s something that even search engines, with all their algorithms, recognize as top-notch and trustworthy.

Unique perspectives and experiences

Showcase your unique perspectives and experiences to stand out in a crowded content landscape. Share personal insights and expert knowledge to connect with readers on a human level. This human element is something artificial intelligence is still struggling to replicate fully. Remember the Google E-E-A-T model.

Optimizing for humans and AI

In this AI-driven era, keywords still play a role, but the spotlight is on crafting comprehensive content that is relevant to user queries. It’s about pushing your content to be the go-to source, the kind of authoritative answer AI tools like Google’s SGE would point to as the most reliable and informative response.

Strive to address what your audience is genuinely asking, filling your content with in-depth insights and actionable information that establishes its value. This approach meets the evolving standards of search engines and ensures your content stands out as the definitive resource for readers.


Leveraging various content forms such as FAQs, detailed guides, comprehensive articles, and dynamic videos aligns perfectly with SGE’s goal to furnish users with all-encompassing answers.

This strategy not only meets the thirst for knowledge across different user preferences and search intents but also broadens the impact and effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Staying relevant

In the vibrant landscape of SEO, where artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role, it’s essential to remain alert. The field is not stagnant but rather a fluid landscape that demands constant monitoring of industry trends, algorithm updates, and the changing search behaviors of users.


SGE represents a significant evolution in the internet landscape, emphasizing user-centricity and engagement. It’s a call to action for businesses and SEO professionals to elevate content quality and ensure it resonates with audience needs. Adapting to SGE is more than just keeping pace with trends; it’s about leveraging this evolution to sharpen marketing strategies, highlight standout content, and amplify its influence.

By aligning with SGE principles, organizations can navigate the transformative SEO environment effectively, recognizing it not only as a future trend but as a transformative force shaping the digital marketing experience, one query at a time.