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We’ve worked the largest eCommerce websites on the planet. One product or 1 million, we know how to get high-converting search traffic to your site.

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Online Jewelry Store Case Study

This client sells a very niche product: memorial and cremation jewelry.  Unlike most of their competition, they sell high quality, expensive custom pieces including 18K gold and VS F+ diamonds and gemstones.  Their market is small and difficult to get in front of at the right time.

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Keywords in Position 1


Keywords on Page 1

Microblading and Beauty Salon Case Study

This microblading and microblading training website launched in 2019 to a saturated market.  They came to us ranking for only 3 keywords (none of any value) and zero organic traffic.  The competition was years ahead of them.  Getting new websites to rank in Google is notoriously difficult, but can be done.  They currently rank for over 2,000 keywords in Google, 284 of which are on page 1.

Michael Chagala - Owner of Rank Harvest San Diego SEO Agency

Why Choose Rank Harvest?

We’ve worked with literally hundreds of eCommerce websites.  From SEO to paid ads, we’ve done it all.  Getting traffic to a website is easy, but what’s needed is traffic that converts to sales otherwise your marketing spend is a waste.  We use data and analytics to sort through useless clicks and get down to visitors who are ready to make a purchase.

Michael Chagala - Owner of Rank Harvest San Diego SEO Agency
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Rank Harvest a white label seo company in san diego

We Don’t Outsource
Your Work

It’s very common in this industry to present an agency as being from the United States, while outsourcing all the work to overseas discount shops.  We don’t do this.  All work is done in-house by direct-hire employees of Rank Harvest.  This gives us full control over the quality of work.

Who Is
Rank Harvest?

We are a tight group of mostly engineers and computer scientists, along with some creative folks doing graphic design and content writing.  Almost everyone here has a college degree and work experience in corporate marketing.  Some of us are right here in San Diego, while other team members are international.  Everyone is paid above the industry average and provided with benefits such as paid vacation, family leave and more.

ecommerce seo agency

Using Rank Harvest's Core Strengths
to Grow Your Business

No Contract

Our clients stay because we get results, not because they are locked into a contract. Our subscription system allows you to easily start, stop, and reorder through your customer portal. No contract, no commitment.

We Start Immediately.

We get started on the work of SEO within 48 hours of ordering. While we take the time to give every new project the required research and analytics, we also identify work that can begin immediately.

We Communicate

The number 1 reason clients quit their SEO agency is not lack of results, but lack of communication. With us you’ll know what results you're getting and how your budget is being used at all times.

We Don't Outsource

All work is done in-house, by Rank Harvest employees. The only exception is when we need an industry or niche specialist, for example, if your project requires legal or medical content writing.

No Templates or Box Checking

Although you can see a list of tactics for each of our SEO packages, we don’t go down the list checking boxes. We analyze what’s working, and what’s not, and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Zero Risk / White-Hat

We don’t waste time exploiting loopholes in Google’s algorithm for short-term gains; we follow Google’s guidelines on improving organic traffic through excellent content and user engagement.

Our eCommerce SEO Approach

  • Easy Ordering

    We use a subscription system which means automatic monthly billing so you never have to deal with invoices.  Pay once on the website and you’re done.  You can cancel at any time through your customer portal.  You can restart at any time by simply ordering again.
  • Onboarding

    It starts with an introduction to your dedicated account manager, he/she will schedule a Zoom for a thorough discussion on your client and their goals.  In the meantime a questionnaire will be sent so your account manager can prepare for the meeting.
  • Research & Analytics

    Developing a successful strategy starts with data. We analyze your client from multiple angles using various professional tools.  But there’s also a human element, meaning we also use intuition gained from many years of doing SEO.
  • We Get Started Within 48 Hours

    Clients get frustrated when their first month’s bill is mostly discovery and not the actual work of SEO.  Although thorough research and analytics takes time, we identify work that can be started immediately.
  • Updates

    Your account manager will start sending updates immediately, it’s their job.  This includes scheduled updates such as weekly check-ins and monthly summary reports, but also any time they have interesting information to share.  And we love Zooms!
  • Reporting

    Always know where you stand with our easily accessible reports.  Keyword rank reports, organic traffic reports, search volume, engagement metrics… And we don’t sugarcoat or cherrypick the data - we give you both the good and the bad.
  • Stop At Any Time

    We don’t do contracts; you can cancel, pause or reorder at any time.  An account on will be created when you order.  Your account, or Customer Portal, gives you the ability to cancel your subscription at any time.

Trusted by Businesses Like Yours

Outstanding! The entire process was easy, I ordered on the website and they got back to me the same day. One Zoom later and they were already working on my project! I’m not constantly asking for updates, they send what I need before I have to ask. They make it easy.


Standard Service Reports

Keyword Research Report

Starting with our first SEO white label service, we provide you with the right set of keywords to target so that your clients shine higher in search engine rankings.

Competitors Keyword Gap Report

Identify the winning keywords that your competitors are using. Let our keyword gap analysis serve as a major part of your winning SEO strategy.

Content Calendar Report

Plan and organize in Advance. Get the marketing roadmap of which content piece should be created at what time based on your business priorities.

Technical Audit Report

Facing issues with technical aspects like crawlability and indexation? Get a detailed technical audit report to check whether your site is optimized properly or not.

Link Profile And Bucket Report

Build and maintain quality inbound backlink profiles, keep improving the off-page health and visibility of your website.

Monthly Report

Get a snapshot of your website’s health and track the progress of ongoing SEO efforts with our monthly white label SEO report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely.  When selling products and services online, you might have hundreds or thousands of competitors selling the same.  This means even the smallest SEO advantage can make or break your business.  Selling online also can mean trying to reach a national or even global audience.  This is much different than local SEO, for example, where you might only need to compete with a few other businesses in your area.

When there are a high number of products, or inventory constantly changing, the focus of SEO usually shifts to product categories rather than individual product pages.  This is not an uncommon strategy.

No problem, SEO can be focused on only the countries from which you want traffic.

There are no guarantees in SEO.  We promise to use the same strategies on your project that have been successful for our other clients.  We stay up to date on all new SEO technologies, algorithm changes and anything else we think will improve the chances of success.  Our success rate is dramatically higher than the industry standard.